Umpqua RiverGrip Scissors/Forceps 6" Orange
Umpqua RiverGrip Scissors/Forceps 6" Orange, The workhorse and first choice of guides, this beefy scissor clamp will crimp barbs, cut nylon or even a small branch to free snagged lines.
Umpqua Tongass 650 Waist Pack Steel Blue
Umpqua Tongass 650 Waist Pack Steel Blue, If you need one waist-pack to handle the flats, trout rivers, steelhead, etc., anywhere in the world, under any conditions, this is the pack for you.
Umpqua Switch Sling 600 ZS
Umpqua Switch Sling 600 ZS, Simple and comfortable, as well as brilliantly simple, the Switch Sling can be worn on either shoulder without any adjustment of straps, hooks, clips, etc.
Umpqua Overlook Kit ZS Chest Pack Camo
Umpqua Overlook Kit ZS Chest Pack Combo,  Features load-bearing shoulder straps attached to a full 4-point back- panel provide all-day support and comfort.
TFO Deer Creek Switch Blank 5wt 11'0" 4pc
TFO Deer Creek Switch Blank 5wt 11'0" 4pc, Available at Great Savings! The ultimate in versatility, the DC Switch rods allow you to spey, single hand, and cast two handed overheads.
TFO Deer Creek Spey Rod
Deer Creek Spey Rod
Save Big. Closeout. While supplies last.
$470.00 $274.95
Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line
Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line, The Euro Nymph line was designed by Steve Parrot to satisfy the need for a one fits all European style nymphing line that is competition legal.
RIO InTouch Skagit IMOW Tips - Heavy
RIO InTouch Skagit IMOW Tips designed to cast the biggest of flies with exceptional ease. The intermediate rear section creates a smooth depth transition between a floating body and the sinking tip
MRFC Trout Fly Selections
Don't know what to get them? Let MRFC's staff of fly fishing guides do the work for you.
CityBoy Forge
CityBoy Forged Belt Buckles
Cityboy Forged belt buckles, CityBoy uses repoussé as a way to decorate their buckles. Repoussé is an ancient method of working with metal sheet.
Ross Ross Cimarron II Spool
Ross Cimarron II Spool
On CLOSEOUT along with the Cimarron Reel. Get loaded up while supplies last!
$135.00 $114.00
Hare's Ear Nymph
Hare's Ear Nymph,  BLOW-OUT PRICE! is used widely throughout the world having many variations.
Ross Animas Reel *NEW 2019*
The 2019 Animas takes the time-proven features that made the original Animas a guide favorite and incorporates new machined features that bring it into the modern era of Ross.
Switch Grip
Super grade cork top and rear grips for switch and spey rods featuring  .300" ID x 1.25" OD.
PacBay CL8 Switch Reel Seat
PacBay Channel Lock Fly Reel Seat (CL8) is machined from anodized marine-grade aluminum to prevent corrosion. Ribbed inside helps to create solid glueing. Ideal for all switch and spey rods.
Waterworks-Lamson Lamson Litespeed Micra-5 Spool
Lamson Litespeed Micra-5 Spool
Lamson Litespeed Micra-5 Spool, Clearance Savings! Spare spools for the exciting Lamson LiteSpeed Micra-5 Reel series.
$180.00 $144.95
Ross Animas Spool
Ross Animas Spool, the updated extra spool for the 2019 Ross Reels Animas reel series.
Swisher's PMX Stone
Swisher's PMX Stone, Available at BLOW-OUT Savings! This is essentially a Royal PMX, but with the addition of knotted rubberlegs and a pair of biots for the tail.
Petite Sirloin Stone
Petite Sirloin Stone, Available at BLOW-OUT SAVINGS!  A great Skwalla and stone pattern!
Book-Tackle & Technique For Taking Trout-Hughes (signed copy)
Book-Tackle & Technique For Taking Trout- Dave Hughes (signed copy)expert advice on two vital aspects of fly fishing.
Book-Crappie Fly Fishing
Book-Crappie Fly Fishing, Crappie get no respect, especially from fly-fishermen. But this book is about to change all that.
Book-Beloved Waters-Paul Ford
Book-Beloved Waters-Paul Ford, about the unforgettable where fantasy is transformed to reality. It is of tidal water and rivers, fish and fishers.
Book-Poul Jorgensen's Book Of Fly Tying
Book-Poul Jorgensen's Book Of Fly Tying, Poul Jorgensen is one of the nation's most prominent fly-tier and  teacher of fly tying, and writer on the subject.