AirFlo Streamer Max Long
AirFlo Streamer Max Long

AirFlo Streamer Max Long

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AirFlo Streamer Max Long, When you’re streamer fishing sub-surface, getting your flies down and keeping them down requires a line with a long sinking section. With the expertise of streamer guru, Kelly Galloup, we developed the Streamer Max Long to fish streamers below the surface on medium to long casts and keep them down in the zone.  With it’s 40′ head length, this line will sail your big flies to those hard to reach feeders and keep the fly at their level while they chase it down the whole way back. Includes welded front loop

Tip:  The tip section is designed for helping turn over heavy flies and streamers.
Belly:  The long belly gives the ability to make long casts, and helps keep the fly down when stripping it in quickly.
Rear Taper:  The 10′ rear taper helps carry the heavy flies on long casts
Running Line:  The Streamer Max Long features an intermediate running line