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DVD-Streamers on Steroids - Galloup

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DVD-Streamers on Steroids - Kelley Galloup, shows you how to make the next generation of articulated streamer flies. Kelly Galloup, the one most responsible for the resurgence in streamer fishing for big trout shows you, in detail how to craft these jointed flies with exceptional action.These Articulated Streamer Flies all have something special. The alternating layers of the Barely Legal put life deep into the fly. The Tips Up bass-popper tail raises when paused on the retrieve. The Pearl Necklace is a-blaze with new UV materials. The Nancy P. is Kelly s most lifelike crayfish ever. And the Boogie Man has it all with both wobbles and wiggles. Learn the Right Way to tie these streamers from the guy who came up with them. Get Kelly s insight into how he now makes the connection between the tail and head of the fly. See the materials he incorporates that are revolutionizing the art of tying. Discover what it takes to make a streamer that will fish all day. Don t study a knock off when you can get the original. DVD.

About Kelley

Kelly Galloup lives in the Madison Valley and has been streamer crazy for decades, long before he came out with his game-changing book Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout. This is his third streamer tying video and promises to be his most popular. Not just a fly tier, Kelly is an avid angler and all his patterns have been tested. He has taken his best producers and put them in this DVD. As a fly fishing guide, shop owner, author, and sport show speaker he has the skills to show you exactly how to make articulated streamers that will catch you more big trout.