Scientific Anglers Mastery Redfish Cold Fly Line

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Coated for saltwater, but with a softer finish that retains performance in chilled water, Scientific Anglers® Mastery Redfish Cold Fly Line excels for shallow reds in the midst of a cold front. Built a half-size heavy, with a short front taper and head, Redfish Cold loads in a hurry and allows you to react to fish movement with quick, powerful casts. Increased running line diameter for easy management. Its braided multifilament core and slick Advanced Shooting Technology coating offer the handling needed to coax a big red to abandon cover; equipped with the SA´ID line identification system and convenient welded loops at both ends.

  • Saltwater coating with a softer finish
  • Excels in cooler water
  • Built a half-size heavy
  • Short front taper and head
  • Enables quick, powerful casts
  • Braided multifilament core
  • Advanced Shooting Technology coating
  • SA´ID line identification system
  • Welded loops at both ends