Fishpond Nomad Landing Nets

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The Fishpond Nomad River Armor landing nets, which includes the Emerger, are for fly fishermen who put their gear through rigorous use, on streams or when bushwhacking in the backcountry. Using the River Armor construction methods, Fishpond strengthened their Emerger landing net, making it stronger than the original.

This was accomplished by adding woven Dupont Kevlar as an outer layer. They chose to do this on the Emerger and the Mid-Length Net, as these are likely candidates for hard use by avid stream anglers and professional guides.

This is a very good all around trout net. The handle and hoop are long, for reaching out and landing large trout. All Fishpond Nomad nets are waterproof and they float.

This net comes with the black rubber bag. It is 32” long, with a 19.25” long x 10” wide head or hoop. The bag depth is 12”. The River Armor Emerger is light, weighing only .95 pounds.