G. Loomis NRX LP Fly Rod

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G. Loomis NRX LP Fly Rod, When conditions call for long, delicate casts using extremely light leaders to help you fool spooky fish, the NRX LP rods are the answer. They are smooth casting, soft tapers for managing long, whisper-thin leaders and small to medium-sized dry flies. They track true for exceptional accuracy and control, plus they are light as a feather with beautiful lines, featuring select species cork and your choice of our original, stealthy look in matte black with bright blue wraps or a more traditional Evergreen with subtle green wraps and silver trim. When the fish get finicky and the water gets low and clear you will have the answer... NRX LP!

Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Power Taper Price
NRX 903-4 LP G 7' 6" A 4 3 Medium Moderate $720
NRX 1043-4 LP G 8' 8" A 4 3 Medium Moderate $735
NRX 1084-4 LP G 9' B 4 4 Medium Moderate $745
NRX 1085-4 LP G 9' B 4 5 Medium Moderate $755