Slacker Tide

Confucius said "Man with feet firmly planted on ground have trouble putting on pants", which is good, because the crew at SlackerTide really doesn't like wearing pants. SlackerTide is about finding that peaceful stride in life that makes it all worth it. When you mix a little chill with a lot of rad you get something interesting. SlackerTide believes in a few things: great design, a solid sense of humor & living life to the fullest.

SlackerTide is Richard Blanco, a one man band, full time artist, part time angler, and mediocre golfer. SlackerTide has emerged from posting fishing art on Instagram and has morphed into a full time pursuit. Richard works out of a hot Florida garage, fulfilling orders, answering emails, illustrating content, designing products, and occasionally taking a break to sling a line, hack a ball, or walk his dog.

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