AirFlo Streamer Max Short
AirFlo Streamer Max Short

AirFlo Streamer Max Short

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AirFlo Streamer Max Short, Streamer fishing for bank-hugging predators requires quick, short shots.  This requires a fast sinking line with a short head design for quickly loading the road and quickly getting to the target.
Design team member, Rick Matney, helped us design the perfect line for these situations.  With a condensed head design, the Streamer Max Short shoots like rapid fire to the bank, helping keep your fly in the water and where the fish are feeding. The Streamer Max Short features a super fast sinking front section, intermediate “haul zone” section, and floating rear taper + running line.
  • Tip section does not feature a welded loop – this design is so the head can be cut to the angler’s preferred length.
  • The head features an exceptionally fast sinking material for getting down immediately.
  • Tip and front taper: The tip section is designed for helping turn over heavy flies and streamers.
  • Belly: The short belly section is colored gray and constructed of intermediate material. This marks the ideal section to have in your rod guides for the most efficient cast.
  • Rear Taper: The condensed rear taper is designed to help achieve quick casts and high line speed
  • Running Line: The Streamer Max short features a floating running line