Smith Redmond Sunglasses Black ChromaPop+ Polarized Grey Green

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Smith Redmond Sunglasses Black ChromaPop+ Polarized Grey Green, With its fine Italian artisan design, a frame like the Redmond deserves the best lenses, so Smith made these Redmond Chromapop Polarized Sunglasses out of TechLite glass to deliver unsurpassed clarity. Not only do glass lenses enhance clarity, they're also lighter and more scratch-resistant than the competition. They also feature Smith's most innovative Chromapop technology, which filters two specific, unwanted wavelengths of light that cause eye fatigue and color confusion in order to deliver greater definition and popping colors. The skies will look bluer and the grass greener. Smith also polarized the lenses to eliminate glare, and there are treatments to repel reflection, water, and oil smudges.
The ChromaPop lenses are a traditional polarized neutral gray base lens fine-tuned with a green hue to amplify the colors of life outdoors. This lens is then augmented with ChromaPop color enhancement technology for maximum clarity, allowing you to effortlessly see more detail. Smith Elite lenses meet or exceed MilSpec standards for ballistic impact protection without compromising clarity or comfort. VLT = 16%
  • Smith sunglasses with glass lenses for unsurpassed clarity
  • Chromapop enhances definition, color, and clarity
  • Coatings eliminate glare, reflections, and water
  • Megol nose and temple pads secure the fit