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Drop Jaw Heads

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Hands down one of the coolest things we've recently seen when it comes to fly design! 3 heads per pkg.

These heads are hand painted and the detail is absolutely astonishing. They are surprisingly durable and after some heavy use a permanent marker and Loon UV resin will bring it right back to live. When you take one out of the package you are basically holding a real life fish head in your hand. Lets just say it triggers all the right things in the mind of a predator and simply put, they cant help but give it a taste. The heads are neutral buoyant (doesn't float or sink ) which gives the fly a very life like look when paused on the retrieve. Add your own weight to get your desired effect. The largest trout I saw caught on the Madison last year (28") was on a 8" streamer with the Baby Brown Drop Jaw Head. You need to give these a try.

Pinhead: A super light weight, all purpose mini streamer head with excellent castability.
Baby Whitey: Slightly smaller than the Finger Bling this ultra realistic white fish head will drop jaws.
Finger Bling: Medium size head, in between the baby whitey and juvenile trout head, with rainbow colors on head.
Baby Brown: Large size brown trout head will be the perfect serving for predators looking for a big meal 6-8in.