Cement, Glues & Paints

Super Glues
Loctite Super Glues, Ultra High-Grade 15 second super glues. Thin and fast with a precise applicators. Available in a liquid or gel.
Loon Outdoors
UV Fly Paint Kit
Loon UV fly tying paint kit, Includes UV Power Light, and Red, Yellow and Orange UV Fly Paint
Loon Outdoors
UV Fly Paint
Loon UV fly tying pant: Red, Yellow & Orange, UV Fly Paint is the perfect way to instantly add bold or subtle details to a fly, or to change the color all together.
Loon Outdoors
UV Clear Fly Finish
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish is for those who believe “five minutes to cure is five minutes too long.” No mixing or waiting is required. Different thicknesses and sizes are available.
Loon Outdoors
Loon Hydrostop permanently treats new flies with a floatant. Coming in a conveniently large container hundreds of flies can be treated, dozens at a time.
Loon Outdoors
Fly Tying Powders
Loon’s fly tying powders are the best way to add pigment or sparkle to your cements or UV curing resins. Now available in 3-packs.
Loon Outdoors
Swax High Tack
Fly tying dubbing wax, ideal for applying dubbing to the finest thread.
Loon Outdoors
Soft Head Clear
Loon Soft Head Clear, Fly tying thick head cement that dries soft and pliable.
Loon Outdoors
Fluorescing Hard Head
New for 2017, Loon fluorescing hard head takes the UV light that's available underwater and reflects it as a color more visible to fish.
Loon Outdoors
Hard Head
Loon Hard Head, Never mix epoxy again! Hard Head is an odorless, non-toxic, thick head cement perfect for building glossy heads and bodies. Dries hard and glossy.
Dan Bailey
Zap a Gap
High grade super glue that bonds in 10 seconds. Great for attaching leaders, braided loops and strengthening knots.
Watershed Waterproofing Liquid
This exciting product is a permanent waterproof coating for flies, materials, dubbing, yarns, nylon leaders & even fly lines.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Sticky Tying Wax
Wapsi Sticky Tying Wax, Dubbing wax should be a staple on your tying bench regardless of your fly tying experience.
Von Schlegell Head Cement
Whether you travel with your tying kit or at your bench, this product is pretty handy.
Softex Body Form Material
This spectacular material is a clear, viscous polymer system. Can be applied by immersing, brushing or even dubbing as it starts to set up within seconds and is fishable in an hour.
Dave's Flexament Head Cement
Dries crystal clear and stays slightly flexible. Also works well for coating hopper wings.
Hard as Hull Head Cement
Hard as Hull Head Cement features acrylic polymers and binding resins to create an incredibly hard, durable finish. It also provides a smooth, glossy finish well suited for presentation type flies
Scientific Anglers
3M Super Glue Gel-Two 2 gram Tubes
3M Super glue gel, bonds lightweight articles such as wood, leather, ceramic & metal, convenient self piercing tube allows for precise application of adhesive to parts to be bonded.