FFF Stonefly Chenille
FFF Stonefly Chenille, Great for tying small stonefly nymph patterns! Looks great on a small Turd’s/Pat’s rubber legs style fly. Great variegated chenille with the best colors.
Variegated Chenille Card
Variegated Chenille Card, Variegated Chenille Card, Variegated to create texture and subtle color differences, adds diversity to your patterns, terrific versatility in countless fly patterns
Carded Chenille
Carded Chenille, Absorbent for a buggy look. Easy to wind for less hassle at the fly tying bench. The right color makes the difference between a strike or not.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Midge Sparkle Braid
Midge Sparkle Braid, contains several strands of mylar knitted into a cordlike material. This midge sized version of sparkle braid has a multitude of uses.
UV Polar Chenille
UV Polar Chenille, Long translucent fibers that undulate like marabou in the water. Can be used for Saltwater, Trout, Steelhead, Salmon and Warmwater patterns.
UNI Floss
1 strand floss from UNI products that is a pleasure to work with. Great stuff!
Ultra Chenille
A velvety chenille with a nylon core.
Speckled Crystal Chenille
Hot material made out of speckled pearlescent flashabou type material with more dramatic and contrasting color
Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Sparkle Emerger Yarn, Nice, easy to work with crinkly tri-lobal antron that is dyed to match mayfly and caddis emerger colors.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Polypropylene Floating Yarn
Great for spinner wings, parachutes, hopper bodies, and poly duns.
Pearl Diamond Braid
Pearl Diamond Braid, Adds good flash to salt water, streamer and nymph bodies.
Pearl Core Braid
Pearl Core Braid, A thin pearl braid with a dyed core giving a dual color depth that will add that little extra to any Fresh Water or Salt Water patterns.
Wapsi Fly, Inc Pearl Chenille
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Pearl Chenille
Pearl Chenille. Hot material made out of pearlescent flashabou type material.
$2.95 $1.65
Macrame Yarn
Versatile 3.5mm woven polypro yarn is used for stonefly dries, nymph bodies, hopper bodies, extended bodies & others.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Leech Yarn Card
Great buggy looking yarn used on leech and nymph patterns.
Krystal Hackle
This one sided synthetic hackle is easy to tie in and control. Can be used as hackle, legs and bodies.
Krystal Flash Chenille
This terrific flashy Chenille is made with soft, thin flash material. Amazingly versatile and great for buggers and many other patterns requiring some extra flash.
Fluorescent Chenille
When "bright" is needed.
4 strand rayon floss for numerous applications.
This is a great body and leg material that can be used like floss
Crustaceous Brush w/ Legs
If you like to tie crabs, shrimps and anything else that crawl at the bottom of salt or fresh water this brush will do the job for you.
Antron Yarn
For caddis patterns, wing cases, nymphs and numerous other patterns that benefit from the realistic effect antrons air capturing qualities.
Cactus Medium Chenille
Like Ice Chenille with pearlescent fibers which make it sparkle.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Aunt Lydias Sparkle Yarn
Sparkling 3 strand acylic yarn. Perfect for caddis patterns, wing cases, nymphs and numerous other patterns that benefit from the realistic effect antrons air capturing qualities.