Flash & Minnow Bodies

Scud Back
Scud Back, A flexible, translucent Scud Back Material that is great for creating scud backs and wing casings. It's also excellent for midge and shrimp patterns. A top selling product with many uses.
Flashabou - Glow In The Dark
This flashabou will really give your fly some added effect.
Lateral Scale
The perfect material that will add life to any minnow or baitfish pattern. A single strand on each side of the fly and BAM!
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Thin Skin - Regular
Wapsi Thin Skin - Regular, A great stretchable material that is easy to cut to width before removing the backing.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Thin Skin - Mottled Bustard
Wapsi Thin Skin - Mottled Bustard, Thin Skin is a stretchable thin plastic film great for use on a variety of fly patterns. Excellent for wing cases on nymphs, backs on scuds, sow bugs, shells on crayfish, and shrimp patterns.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Polar Flash
This flash material is Flashabou wound with micro nylon filaments and is perfect for making excellent and durable wings, tails in large flies and also a great ribbing and body material.
Wapsi Fly, Inc
Mylar Cord
This hollow braided Mylar Cord is ideal for spoon flies and baitfish imitations.
Krystal Flash
Very popular, highly reflective, spiraled material. Easy and fun to work with. Available in 30 great colors!
Holographic Flashabou
Flashabou strands with an added holographic effect. Perfect for use on streamers, and salt water patterns.
Flashabou Minnow Body Tubing
Easy to use tubing as the ends don't unravel. Great for bodies on saltwater and streamer patterns.
Extra limp, highly reflective mylar tinsel used in hundreds of fly patterns.
Spirit River
EZ Body Woven Tubing
Great for minnow bodies, poppers, salt and streamer patterns.
Pearl Flashabou Minnow Body - Large 3/8"
Great for bodies on saltwater and streamer patterns.
Mysis Shrimp Bodies
Mysis Shrimp Bodies, Stalcup extended body Mysis shrimp bodies. For perfect fresh and saltwater shrimp patterns.