The MRFC Fly Fishing School is based out of Ennis, Montana, in the Madison River Valley. A sunrise, sunset or just 10 minutes on the Madison River is all it takes for our students to realize they are in one of the most beautiful places on earth. On any given day, students have the opportunity to see an array of animal life comparable to that of nearby Yellowstone National Park. Moose, eagles, weasels, deer, elk, pelicans, marmots, ducks, geese, kingfishers, bobcats, coyotes and river otters are just a sample of what you can see when floating down the Madison River. Because of our natural landscapes and fauna we encounter, MRFC is able to offer a true "Montana experience" to our students. Not to mention, the Madison River is a classic blue-ribbon trout fishery that offers everything a fly fisherman could ask for! Enrolling in our school means you will learn how to fly fish, but by enrolling you are also embarking on an adventure of a lifetime.
One of the most important skills in fly fishing is patience. Patience is not something that is taught, but is rather instilled through a relaxing environment and effective teachers. All of our school instructors are full-time Montana fly fishing guides with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a track record of safety awareness.  They have been selected as instructors because of their exceptional ability to utilize effective teaching techniques to the wide variety of skill levels and personalities we see in our students. We offer not only a classroom style environment, but an opportunity for one-on-one attention from our instructors throughout the duration of the school. Our guarantee is that you will receive the appropriate attention you need from a knowledgable teacher who is patient, friendly and motivating, and you will walk away with the foundation to pursue fly fishing into the future.

Hear it from some of our past students!

"Wanted to write a brief note to reaffirm how much I enjoyed the April school. It's been a long time since I enjoyed three days as much as the three days I spent with you folks, and my fellow fishermen, at the school. Mike, Ryan and Brian (hope I got all the names and spellings right) are consummate professionals. They were very  knowledgeable, considerate, friendly and helpful at every turn - and the food was SUPERB. I learned a great deal about fly fishing techniques, particularly including fly selection, rigging and casting techniques on river water, when fishing from shore, when wading or when fishing from drift boats. (Mike, I also learned the Madison is a difficult wading river, as you know!!!!). Getting a look at the bug entomology was also fascinating. And...all of this fun and education occurred in the most stunning and interesting surroundings - I had forgotten how pretty the valley is down there. The program was more than worth my time and money and thanks for providing the opportunity." ~Lon A. Withrow
"My husband was going to take our oldest grandson fishing in the Madison River when he turned 12 years old.  This past June Drake turned 12, his Pappa had passed away four years earlier, so me his Glamma decided I would take him instead of his Pappa.  We signed up for a class at the Madison River Fishing Company, where his Pappa had fished many times, and it was the most memorable experience we had ever had.  They were all over us making sure we were having a great time, we caught a lot of fish, great food, and tones of fun with our group and all because we had great guides.  I wish you could see all the pics of our fish, from small to 19 inch Rainbow, and 17 in brown and all between.   Can't wait to go back again.  What memories we have to share." ~ Stella and Drake Clark


"The MRFC School was the best thing I did all summer.  I learned a lot about fly fishing and the Madison River from two great instructors.  I fished with a great bunch of people.  We were provided excellent food, equipment, personalized guiding and instruction all at a very reasonable price.  What more could you ask?  I’m going to do it again." ~ Bruce Chassy
"I was looking for a fly fishing school for myself and my two young boys. I found Madison river fishing company and decided to give it a try. Unbelievable adventure. Technical education as well as practical education not to mention all types of river flyfishing. It really couldn't have been more complete. I wondered why people were coming back for a second time figuring they must know how to do it if they had been here before. Then I realized that a return visit is mandatory. Both for the education and the experience. I'll be back."  ~Henry E Childers, MD

"I had initial misgivings about signing up for the MRFC fly fishing school (I was the only female in the last session of the summer), but it was without question the best fishing experience I have ever had. The instructors are, first and foremost, incredible anglers with years of experience to share. But they have that rare ability to teach what is second nature to them.  In the 4 days of class they covered all the basics of fly fishing (tying knots, casting, reading the water, tackle and entomology) and then continued to reinforce each lesson as we put our newfound skills to work on the river.  As we were all at different levels of experience, they worked with each student individually to answer questions and ensure we were comfortable putting each lesson into practice. Each day I gained a little more skill and confidence. As a bonus, we also had wonderful breakfasts, gourmet lunches on the river prepared by the instructors and a cold beer as we rehashed our day before heading home. On a scale of one to ten, the MRFC fly fishing school was definitely a ten. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this class to anyone wanting to gain more fly fishing knowledge in a fun and relaxed setting." ~Marie Stears                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

"I cannot believe how much I learned in such a short period of time. Matt and Brian's ability to teach a true novice like myself is amazing. I was stunned by how the days flew by. The small class size really allows for individual help and instruction. The big fish I caught on the 3rd day was worth the wait!" ~Sara D.
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