New 2017 Fly Fishing Rods

Thomas & Thomas
Thomas & Thomas Contact Fly Rod Down Lock Seat
Thomas & Thomas Contact Fly Rod Down Locking , The new Contact series nymph rods transfer every vibration from fly to fingertips.
Thomas & Thomas
Thomas & Thomas Zone Fly Rod
Thomas & Thomas Zone Fly Rod, The new ZONE series from T&T offers freshwater and saltwater anglers a more price-conscious alternative to flagship models.
R.L. Winston
Winston Pure Fly Rod
Winston Pure Fly Rod, Presenting the new Winston PURE light line series. For those who prefer to fish with a light touch.
R.L. Winston
Winston Saltwater AIR Fly Rod
Winston Saltwater AIR Fly Rod, a Winston saltwater version of the incredibly popular AIR series, which Winston introduced a couple of years ago.
R.L. Winston
Winston Boron III X Super 10'
Winston Boron III X Super 10', These exciting new rods have been specifically designed for high sticking and European style nymph fishing.
Waterworks-Lamson Center Axis Rod & Reel System
Center Axis Rod & Reel System
Lamson Center Axis Rod & Reel System, May be the most meaningful advancement in fly rod performance since graphite replaced fiberglass decades ago.
$750.00 $450.00
DXF Fly Rods
Douglas DXF Fly Rods, The DXF premium proven tapers are a combination of modern action and carbon matrix with a traditional fit and finish.
Sky Fly Rods
Douglas Sky Fly Rods, This new range of versatile four piece fresh and saltwater rods is constructed with the next generation of nano carbon matrix materials.
Thomas & Thomas
Aeros Fly Rod
Thomas & Thomas Aeros Fly Rod, Fly casting can be a form of artistic expression, classic aesthetics and a velvety medium+ action that emphasizes the sensation of each casting stroke.
Thomas & Thomas
Exocett SS Fly Rod
Thomas & Thomas Exocett SS Fly Rod, Developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding species and destinations,
Thomas & Thomas
Thomas & Thomas Lotic Fiberglass Fly Rod
Thomas & Thomas Lotic Fiberglass Fly Rod, By combining the latest glass fibers with a highly progressive flex profile, the light-weight Lotic provides a crisp, medium action.
R.L. Winston
Kairos Fly Rod
The newest all around graphite fly rod from Winston. Handmade 45 minutes from MRFC. There is no better solution for a premium fly rod for under $500 than the Kairos.
R.L. Winston
Winston Nimbus Fly Rod
Coming in at $650-750, the new Nimbus by Winston sets the new standard for premium graphite fly rods on the market. This fast action rod feels great and has a refreshing new look different from all other Winston rods.
Sage ESN Fly Rod
Sage ESN HD Fly Rod, EUROPEAN STYLE NYMPHING: With Konnetic Technology for an extremely light rod, ideal for the repetitive casts this precision method requires. Its responsive, giving you ultimate control.
SALT HD Series Fly Rod
The all-new SALT HD Series is spectacular! This rod is all about giving the angler power and accuracy in challenging conditions.
Foundation Fly Rod
Sage Foundation Fly Rod, a fast action rod series providing excellent casting power and effortless control.
G. Loomis
NRX LP Fly Rod
New 2017, G. Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Rod.
G. Loomis
Asquith Fly Rod
New For 2017, The Asquith Fly Rod is the first fly rod to use spiral x technology which increases rod rigidity to reduce lateral movement in the rod and less ovalization, as a result the rod is less likely to break when fighting a big fish.
Thomas & Thomas
Contact Fly Rod
Made in the USA!
Thomas & Thomas
Exocett Fly Rod
T&T’s Exocett Series of high-performance saltwater fly rods are infused with the exceptional strength and dampening characteristics of our proprietary StratoTherm Resin. Made in the USA!
Thomas & Thomas
Avantt Fly Rod
T & T Avantt Fly Rod, remarkably light and responsive with ultra-low swing weight and lightning-fast recovery, these rods come alive in the hand.
X-Series Fly Rod Blank
Brand new, the lightest graphite fly rod around.