Blackstrap MRFC Logo Civil Mask
Blackstrap MRFC Logo Civil Mask

Blackstrap MRFC Logo Civil Mask

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The Civil Mask™ from Blackstrap provides a dual layer barrier of protection for individuals in essential public settings such as the grocery store, doctor's office, etc. This Facemask has a tightly woven outer shell and tapered design for a contoured, lightweight facemask that fits a wide range of faces. Our fabrics are tightly woven, breathable, quick dry and machine washable.

Each Civil Mask™ is made from upcycled fabric that would have otherwise hit the cutting room floor. We are proud to add the Civil Facemask to the BlackStrap WASTE-ZERO line of mindfully and sustainably manufactured products that keep fabric scraps out of landfills.

*** On April 4th the CDC updated their "How to Protect Yourself & Others" page to include "Covering your mouth & nose with a cloth face cover when around others"

*** PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: This mask is not certified for use in a medical setting

*** PURCHASE DISCLAIMER: All sales are final on Civil Masks™ due to product assortments and sanitation concerns. We appreciate your understanding.