Firehole Sticks AS2 Articulated Shanks

Firehole Sticks AS2 Articulated Shanks

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Firehole Sticks AS2 Articulated Shanks, The AS2 is a unique articulated shank. Designed to permit the changing or substitution of materials in the field. Field tested for over 18 months. Hang tested with 50 lbs dead weight on shank without a tie down. The AS2 is formed from stainless steel wire.


  • AS2 utilizes 0.9 mm wire and is suggested for hooks #6 and smaller.
  • Manufactured in the same manner as a stainless steel hook. Equally as strong as any hook of comparable wire size.
  • Available in four lengths; 0.75", 1.0", 1.5", and 2.25".

Note: There is no industry standard for hook eye sizes. Firehole presents these suggestions after measuring many streamer hooks from many manufacturers. You may find that the suggested hook size may change based on the hook manufacturer that you use.