Scientific Anglers Freightliner Skagit Float
Scientific Anglers Freightliner Skagit Float

Scientific Anglers Freightliner Skagit Float

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Skagit heads have been around for quite some time and are one of the most popular means of delivering flies with a two-handed rod. The Floating Freightliner Skagit provides ample power to cast and turn over heavy sink tips and is designed to work in concert with our double-density TC Tips to present flies throughout the water column to salmon and steelhead.

  • Extremely short and powerful taper for casting heavy sink tips
  • Extended grain weights for any rod size
  • Color change at the rear of the head
  • Short head provides quick rod loading
  • Suited for two-hand and switch rods
  • Braided multifilament core
  • Recomended tips: 320-440 grain heads – 10ft, 120 grain TC Tips | 480-640 grain heads – 12ft, 160 grain TC Tips
  • SA FRGHTLNR SKAGIT ### GR F (### = grain weight)
Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color
320gr 19.0' 320gr 19.0' Floating Black/Heron
360gr 20.0' 360gr 20.0' Floating Black/Heron
400gr 21.0' 400gr 21.0' Floating Black/Heron
440gr 22.0' 440gr 22.0' Floating Black/Heron
480gr 22.0' 480gr 22.0' Floating Black/Heron
520gr 23.0' 520gr 23.0' Floating Black/Heron
560gr 23.0' 560gr 23.0' Floating Black/Heron
600gr 25.0' 600gr 25.0' Floating Black/Heron
640gr 25.0' 640gr 25.0' Floating Black/Heron