AirFlo Skagit Driver- Float
AirFlo Skagit Driver- Float
AirFlo Skagit Driver- Float

AirFlo Skagit Driver- Float

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Perfect for closed quarter two-hand casting through a long series of runs and pools, Airflo’s Skagit Driver Shooting Head Fly Line is a go-to choice for anglers east to west. Taking inspiration from Airflo’s classic Skagit Compact Head, their Skagit Driver has been refined through thousands of hours of research and development to deliver a Skagit head that sits a little lower in the water and provides better, more efficient loading to your cast. A versatile head, the Skagit Driver works well with short or long sink tips, and with its dense design, your road will load effectively when you’re in tight situations and your swing will be a little slower to make the most of each cast. Fish it on a Spey or any other two-hand rod of your choice, and you can count on the Skagit Driver to hook fish whether you’re on the Salmon River or the Umpqua. 



Power Core Airflo equips their Skagit Driver Heads with their Power Core technology to add strength and ensure that you’re never fussing with line stretch or memory. This really helps when you’re driving the hook home on those big fresh steelhead. For additional convenience, Airflo printed welded loops in a variety of colors to make for fast and easy selection while on the water.



Large Streamers and Spey Flies - Airflo created their Skagit Driver Shooting Heads specifically for swinging streamers and Spey flies--whether you’re tying on a Green Butt Skunk, a large Intruder, or a Muddler, this head is a solid choice. With a dense construction that’s unlike most other Skagit heads, the Skagit Driver slows your swing so that your flies breathe just a touch more and your whole swing is a little slower--who knows when this will be the reason that you didn’t get skunked. Perfect for those who make a strong habit of the step, cast, swing method, the Skagit Driver Shooting Head will quickly become a go-to in your two-hand systems.



Cold/Moderate - Airflo designs their Skagit Driver Heads to be fished in cold to moderate temperatures, which is great for steelhead season, but limits its use once you get into water much above 70 degrees as it will begin to soften up.



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head - Airflo’s Skagit Driver Heads are made in grains ranging from 450 up to 750 that increase by 30 grain intervals, which makes for easy fine-tuning to match the situation at hand. All of these different weights carry an efficient taper with a unique density that will slow your swing and sit just under the water. Starting at the rear, the Skagit Driver has a short rear taper that makes for fast loading, this transitions into a long 16ft belly that extends reach on longer casts, and Airflo finishes things with an aggressive front taper that turns your sink tip rigs over with ease.