Brodin Phantom Net Frying Pan

Brodin Phantom Net Frying Pan

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Brodin Phantom Net Frying Pan, Ideal for western trout steams, the Brodin Frying Pan Phantom Series Net has a generous opening and a short, easy-to-wield handle. The thermoplastic Ghost net is gentle on fish, and the handsome eucalyptus wood frame provides the aesthetics and durability you require from all your fishing gear.


  • Non-native eucalyptus wood is exceptionally durable and handsome
  • 12.75 by 18 inch hoop is ideal for fish up to 22 inches in length
  • Lightweight thermoplastic Ghost net bag won't snag flies, disappears in the water, and is easy on fish


  • Material [frame] eucalyptus wood, [net] thermoplastic
  • Size [length] 26 in, [hoop] 12.75 x 18 in
  • Recommended Use for netting fish up to 22 inches long