SAGE G5 Trout Spey Package
SAGE G5 Trout Spey Package
SAGE G5 Trout Spey Package
SAGE G5 Trout Spey Package

SAGE G5 Trout Spey Package

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Whether you’re swinging soft hackles on floating lines during late evening hatches or throwing streamers on Skagit heads when the weather cools and there are fewer insects around, the high-performance blank and trout spey-specific action of the G5 will do the job with ease—no back cast or double-haul required. Just lift, set, and fire, and let the TROUT SPEY G5 do its thing. Finding new solutions to old problems has never been more fun.

Sage Trout Spey Fly Reels, Classic aesthetics with modern performance. Drawing inspiration from the historic Sage 500 series reels, the Modern Classics collection introduces reels designed for the angler longing for a nod to the past. A romantic appeal to designs and colors that reflect a classic feel of old yet packed with performance features that will assure you’ll never lose that fish of a lifetime.
The Trout Spey reel features Sage's proven One Revolution, Sealed Carbon System (SCS) drag, while encompassing a full-frame design to assure thing running lines do not migrate between the spool and frame during dynamic casting motions. Similarly styled to the Spey Reel, The Trout Spey has a larger width for increased shooting head capacity and greater weight to help better balance Trout Spey rods.

This package includes:

  • Sage G5 Trout Spey 4WT 11'3" - 4pc
  • Sage Trout Spey Reel 3/4/5
  • #4 RIO InTouch Skagit Trout Spey Versitip (#325g Skagit Trout Spey Shooting Head, Skagit MOW Light Tip 10ft Float, Skagit iMOW Light Tip 5ft Int/ 5ft T-8, Skagit MOW Tip Light 10ft T-8, 60ft Rio Shooting Line).
  • Your choice of backing.