AirFlo Streamer Float
AirFlo Streamer Float

AirFlo Streamer Float

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Fishing with streamers and other heavy rigs requires a line with a more aggressive front taper to turn over properly. Big fly guru Kelly Galloup literally wrote the book on how to get big flies to the target and fishing.  With Kelly’s guidance, the design of the Streamer float includes a short, thick, aggressive front taper for powerful turnover on bigger flies.  Its extended body and rear taper help carry these heavy loads on longer cast and keep the casts stable. Available in 5wt to 7wt, the Streamer Float comes in a pale mint color with gray running line.  

  • Includes welded front loop
  • Tip & Front Taper:  Short, aggressive front taper and thick tip for turning over heavy presentations and long leaders.
  • Belly:  The 24′ belly allows for longer casts and longer drifts.
  • Rear Taper:  The long rear taper helps longer casts fly straight to the target.  Once on the water, this section is critical for mending and line control to help achieve the perfect drift when dead drifting or nymphing.