FLEX COAT All in One Finishing Kit

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FLEX COAT All in One Finishing Kit, It's All You Need!This Flex Coat All In One Rod Assembly Kit has the supplies you need to assemble your rod from start to finish. The adhesive is ideal for installing the tip tops on blanks. It will maintain a high strength bond in all temperatures and retains flexibility when cold. The bond will hold even under extreme heat conditions, such as closed cars on summer days.

The Kit Contains:

  • 24cc Flex Coat Rod Builders Epoxy Glue
  • 4 - Epoxy Glue Mixing Sticks
  • Flex Coat Tip Top Adhesive
  • Flex Coat Guide Foot Adhesive
  • 24cc Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish
  • 4 - Flex Coat Mixing Cups
  • 4 - Flex Coat Finish Stir Sticks
  • 2 - Yellow Brushes
  • 2 - Purple Brushes
  • Directions for use of these materials