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Book-Advanced Fly Casting-Lefty Kreh

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Book-Advanced Fly Casting by Lefty Kreh, Learning to cast well is one of the most difficult, but also one of the most rewarding, challenges in the sport of fly fishing. Simply put, the better you can cast, whether you are fishing in fresh water or salt, the more fish you will catch, and the more enjoyment you will derive from fly fishing. In Advanced Fly Casting, master angler and instructor Lefty Kreh provides invaluable advice and instruction about: the five essential principles of Lefty's modern fly-casting method; the necessary elements of good casting, including footwork, rod grip, reducing the number of back casts, eliminating slack, correcting tailing loops, and many more; advanced casting techniques for more effective fishing, including the roll cast, the off-the-shoulder roll cast, the reach cast, the curve cast, the tuck cast, and the double haul; the value of exercises and consistent practice; how to identify and troubleshoot casting problems. Paperback edition. 5 x 7 1/2, 160 pages, color photos and illustrations.