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Book-Tobacco Root Trail Guide

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Book-Tobacco Root Trail Guide by Teresa Hammel. The Tobacco Roots offer solace for those of us who suffer from the human condition. Here you can camp, fish, hike, ride your mule, your horse, your four-wheeler, your motorcycle or your bicycle and you can even bring your dog. There are dirt roads and trails enough for everyone. For those who prefer the road less traveled, there are some trails and random adventures dedicated to you.

The Tobacco Roots have 43 peaks over 10,000 feet and more than 50 mountain lakes populated with cutthroat, rainbow and brook trout, These mountains were formed by glaciers and are surrounded by pristine forests, and lush Alpine meadows. This mecca for recreation is only about 40 miles from Bozeman;30 miles from Butte; 70 miles from Helena; 100 miles from Missoula; and just 80 miles away from Yellowstone. May you all enjoy an awesome adventure! 66 page paperback edition. 8.5 x 5 inch format.