Drake Magazine - 2019 Spring

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True Wilderness
Northwestern Ontario is one of the last frontiers where large native brookies are as free as they would have been in the U.S. two centuries ago. Mostly because navigating that bullseye is a bitch.
Story by Elliott Adler Photos by Hansi Johnson

Black Squall
June clouds towering over the pale green Gulf of Mexico remind us that Florida can still bring the beautiful heartbreak, the fecundity and hope, and a few brilliant tarpon to see us through the coming storms.
Story by Tom McGuane

Spring Showers
Rain—love it or hate it, we’re fishing in it. Here, our intrepid photogs turn miserable days into magic shots. 
By Brian Grossenbacher, Matt Shaw, Mark Lewis, Hansi Johnson, Corey Kruitbosch, Arian Stevens, Dave McCoy, and Lee Church