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DVD-A Foam Odyssey-Tripney

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A Foam Odyssey: with Stu Tripney. A fly-tying rock 'n' roll fish catching frenzy. The story of Stu Tripney & his fantastic foam Bionic Flies. Covering 9 of Stu's freshwater & saltwater patterns, you have never seen foam used in so many ways. Detailed & revolutionary tying instructions and a rocking sound track. The film has been hailed by some critics as the best fly tying /fishing dvd they have ever watched. Its guaranteed that you will not fall asleep when watching this film. Its modern fast paced style will keep you on the edge of your seat! Its a pleasure to watch and also full of entertainment. After viewing the film you will look at fly tying and fly fishing in a different way and no doubt start tying your own foam creations. Watch the awesome bonus trout feeding footage. 45 minutes.