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DVD-Andy Burke's World of Fly Tying

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Andy Burke's World of Fly Tying Join Andy, some good music, & a vice as Andy shows proven, experienced flies that are worth tying for your box. He will show you all the techniques & tricks he's renowned for. Learn to tie some of the coolest fish catchers around! Andy ties the following & more: 2-Tone Hunchback, The Jiggravator, The H.B.I., The Sno-Chute, The Aggravator, The Bottom Roller, The Mayfly Roller, The Tiger Leech and The Chameleon Nymph. All the techniques and tricks he is renowned for.

Includes the following & more:

  • 2-Tone Hunchback
  • The Jiggravator
  • The H.B.I.
  • The Sno-Chute
  • The Aggravator
  • The Bottom Roller
  • The Mayfly Roller
  • The Tiger Leech
  • The Chameleon Nymph