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DVD-Czech Nymphing Master Class

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DVD-Czech Nymphing Master Class, An on-stream river clinic on how to effectively use the four methods. Shows you how to constantly read changing river conditions & how to match the water with the method. Detailed instruction on the river, leader rigging & fly tying, it has it all! Learn to fish like a PRO! Four methods covered - Czech, French, Polish & Spanish. Features: - All 4 methods covered - Czech, French, Polish and Spanish - Reading and managing the water - how the currents are flowing and how to adjust fishing technique to take full advantage of conditions. - Effective waters for each method - Casting techniques for each method - Line Control - Strike Detection - incorporating indicators - Hook Set - Drift/Leading strategies - how to adjust rod tip path and speed to ensure most effective drift. 100 minutes ]

WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING: "An excellent instructional DVD for the effective methods of European Nymphing." - Landon Mayer "Seeing is indeed the key to believing (and understanding) the most effective fly fishing techniques. Whether you consider yourself an angling traditionalist or someone on the 'cutting edge,' you owe yourself a deeper understanding of Czech nymphing and related approaches. It will expand your horizons... and you will catch more fish. I've never seen a more pragmatic, thorough, accessible primer on this subject than what Steve Parrott has put together in Czech Nymphing 101." - Kirk Deeter - Editor-at-Large - Field & Stream