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DVD-Double Haul- Topping

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You will learn WHY, HOW, and WHEN to use the double haul, plus Exercises, On Water Applications, How to Teach a Student, Analysis, Style Variations, and more!!! Includes commentaries and hauling demos by Joan Wulf, Dave Whitlock, Mel Krieger, Bruce Richards, Bob Jacklin, and more! 50 min.

For those of you just starting to cast, this video will give you an idea of what lies ahead in your casting and fishing future!
For you intermediate casters, with false casting and shooting line comfortably in place, this is the next step for you!
For you hotshots and for you instructors, or about-to-be instructors, you will pick up some good tips and exercises to add to your own casting or teaching arsenals!

Author of the best-seller, “Rod Rage,” Rhea has taught literally hundreds and hundreds of students to double haul.