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DVD-First Cast to Double Haul- Beck

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DVD-First Cast to Double Haul- Beck, Easily takes you through the fundamentals of fly casting; including shooting line, line management, casting mistakes, roll casts, handling long casts, double haul & much more. Everything you need to learn or improve your fly casting. For the intermediate angler, learn to shoot line further, pick up additional line easily off the water, how to correct drag and how to effectively make your casts work for you. Then move on to learning the technique of single and double hall. This revised edition includes over 40 minutes of additional footage including Teacher/Student Lessons and Pond & Stream Tactics. Chapters: 1. Getting started 2. Basic cast 3. Line Speed, Loop Control 4. Presentation 5. Lessons 6. Knots, Leaders, Lines 7. Pond Tactics 8. Pond Fishing 9. Drag/Stream Tactics 10. Single & Double Haul