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DVD-Fly Casting - Jacklin

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DVD-Fly Casting - Jacklin, If you are looking for a DVD to help you understand and learn the different casts needed for effective trout fishing, this is it. Bob Jacklin explains and demonstrates all of the casts you need to be a good angler for trout. Follow him through this DVD as he explains the Roll Cast, Double Haul, Single Haul, Pick up and Lay down, as well as many other techniques and casts to help you become a better angler.

* Introduction
* Theory
* Grip
* Rollcast
* Pickup and Lay down
* False Cast
* Checking the cast and Parachute cast
* Curve Cast
* Reach Cast
* Roll Cast Pickup
* Mending the Line and Aerial Mend
* Single and Double Haul
* Hauling the Roll
* Fixing the Tailing Loop
* Putting it all together