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DVD-Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches

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DVD-Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches, Featuring Craig Mathews and John Juracek · The complete fly fishing season of Yellowstone’s major hatches · Fly Fishing the Yellowstone area’s major rivers and lakes · Tips and Tactics on fly fishing these waters · Instructional Fly Tying on the major insects 2 time winner of the prestigious Telly Award.
Yellowstone National Park has the largest concentration of Geysers and Waterfalls in the world and free roaming wildlife in the lower 48 states. This abundant resource produces the most nutrient rich and versatile aquatic insect factory on earth. Fly fishers from around the world congregate during the season to fish their favorite Yellowstone waters. |
Produced by Phil Takatsuno and Yellowstone Media Group, this video covers the Yellowstone hatches and fly fishing season from ice out in May to the last major hatch of the season in November. The DVD features noted anglers Craig Mathews and John Juracek with Craig narrating but also highlights local anglers who know the game. Fly fishers have long requested a Yellowstone fly fishing video, now not only have their wishes come true, this DVDis an instant classic.