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DVD-Our Favorite Flies: Barr, Dennis & Lawson

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DVD-Our Favorite Flies: with by John Barr, Jack Dennis & Mike Lawson. Discover 36 original fly patterns from the three legends of fly fishing and learn the secrets of how they were developed. Go streamside with each expert as they share tips on how to fish their patterns and gain valuable insight to why their flies are so effective and popular throughout the fly fishing world! The range of patterns are as diverse as the Copper John series of Nymphs to the world of streamers such as the Kiwi muddler. Exciting new Mayfly imitations, curious caddis, and diverse stoneflies highlight the myriad of new flies you will want to add to your fly collection. Not only will you find new flies, but you'll add to your knowledge of matching insect hatches. The boys will cover all facets of fly fishing techniques from clever nymphing, dry fly seduction and streamer action as they fish their patterns for you.