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DVD-Pike on the Fly-Water Wolf-Reynolds

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DVD-Pike on the Fly-Water Wolf-Reynolds, In this long awaited follow up to The Flyrodders Guide to Pike, Barry Reynolds ups the entertainment factor with some of the most exciting pike fly fishing action ever caught on film. Filming took place over three summers at some of the worlds most prolific pike waters in Alaska and Canada. During filming Barry took eight pike of over 50" including his new personal best of 54"! Also captured on film was an epic day of top water action where over 60 pike were caught and released including a 51"! Watch as large pike in shallow water push bow wakes as the hunt down the fly from long distances! As Barry describes it "pike hit fly's with bad intentions"! While the movie itself features Barry's passion and pursuit of the pike there is a separate bonus added footage section at the end on fly's, leaders, and other tackle for those who want more than just the entertainment value. DVD. 68 minutes.