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DVD-Skagit Master Vol 3-Mishler

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DVD-Skagit Master Vol 3- Jeff Mishler, , The 3rd DVD in the best selling Skagit Master Series produced by Jeff Mishler, “Skagit Master Volume 3” is an intense look at steelhead flies; traditional to modern designs, created by the modern fly tier’s mind, encompassing the materials and tying techniques employed to meld concept into form. Skagit Master 3 will also test the tier’s hypothesis by viewing a variety of fly concepts in various water conditions using HD underwater videography. Skagit Master 3 will finally reveal truths and dispel myths about fly color, water clarity, contrast, movement and overall appeal. Skagit Master 3 presents modern concepts in steelhead fly design. No single steelhead pattern is a silver bullet. Confidence in the fly you choose plays a major role in your success. But thinking beyond what you learned in the "how to" books of the past often results in some cool fly concepts. Skagit Master 3 features a few modern patterns and the steelheaders who tie them: Hannah Belford, Tom Larimer, Eric Neufeld, Jeff Hickman, Ed Hepp and of course Scott Howell, Ed Ward and Jerry French. Steelhead flies showcased: The Grizzly Bear, Reverse Marabou, Orange Blossom, Fish Taco, Underachiever, Ska-opper and an Ed Ward Intruder. Skagit Master 3 is much more than a fly tying film: The steelheaders in the show invite you into their world. A series of underwater studies examine light and dark flies in various water and light conditions. A flow tank is used to present each pattern in a controlled environment. Filmed in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. DVD. 72 minutes.