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DVD-Stu Apte's Tarpon Country

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DVD-Stu Apte's Tarpon Country, This classic film features Herman Lucerne, Flip Pallot and Stu fishing the far reaches of the Florida Everglades and the Florida Keys for the high flying Silver King. This incredible video was originally shot on 16 mm film with live synchronized sound and features some outstanding slow motion tarpon jumps and some great "Apte Fishing Tips." So, settle back, relax and enjoy the action. In order to have synchronized sound when the cameraman was filming from our second boat, we had a special tape recorder hidden on the floor of the boat I was fishing from. Before rolling film through the camera either Flip or I had to step down from our fishing or poling position to turn the recorder on. You might think that's not too difficult but we were hardwired with a cable running from the microphone under our shirt down through our pants leg to the recorder. You could not move too fast for fear of the cable catching on something in the boat. See some interesting aerial shots from a helicopter of us fishing in the Everglades. DVD. 40 minutes.