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DVD-The Henry's Fork-Lawson

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DVD-The Henry's Fork- with Mike Lawson, One of Montana s fly fishing legends teaches you how to fish the fabled Henry s Fork. Mike takes you along on a fishing trip from the headwaters of the Henry s Fork to its confluence with the Snake River. Where to access the river, how to float it, how to wade it. Mike explains that this river has four distinct personalities and you need to know where they are and what they bode for the fisherman. Included are selections of flies and fishing techniques that will work in each section of the. For those who have fished the Henry s Fork here is an opportunity to compare notes and learn a few tips. For those that have not yet fished this fabulous trout fishery here is a great jump start to success. The cinematography, sound, and editing are superb. The commentary by Mike is a joy and makes you feel like you and he are having a chat while fishing the river. Excellent! DVD. 120 minutes.