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DVD-The Waters of Greenstone, A New Zealand Saga

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DVD-The Waters of Greenstone, A New Zealand Saga,Two lifelong friends took a four-month trip of a lifetime, hooking some monster browns and filming their journey through New Zealand s South Island. The result is their new film, The Waters of Greenstone. Inspired by filmmakers like Bruce Brown is something like an Endless Summer of fly-fishing. Shot entirely without fishing guides or a camera crew, the documentary is what they describe as Huckleberry Finn meets Warren Miller.
Caldwell and Kirkpatrick find themselves in some strange situations, like being 40 miles from the nearest town with a flat tire or caught in the middle of a drunken sheep-shearing contest in a Kiwi dive-bar. It s exploits like these that make this not just a fishing film but also an adventure. It s the random things that happen that make the story, says Kirkpatrick. But at the center of it all are some gargantuan trout caught in some of the wildest and most beautiful country anywhere. New Zealand browns are large and wily enough to challenge even the most seasoned guide in the Rockies, making for some of the most technical trout fishing in the world.