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DVD-Tying Copper John's Favorite Flies-Barr

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DVD-Tying Copper John's Favorite Flies- with John Barr and Jack Dennis.12 original fly patterns from legends of fly tying. John Barr, designer of American's favorite nymph the Cooper John. Offers a range of patterns as diverse as the Copper John series of nymphs to the world of streamers such as the Bou Face. Exciting mayfly imitations, curious caddis & diverse stoneflies highlight the myriad of new patterns you will learn to tie. Jack Dennis joins John in his fly tying den as he weaves his tales and shows his unique style of tying. The banner banter between the two friends is worht the price of the DVD alone as they have fun creating some of the best flies ever to fly off a vise: - Original Copper John - Tung Teaser - Flashback Golden Stonefly Nymph - Barr Emerger-Wet-Baetis - Barr Emerger-Dry-PMD - Graphic Caddis Pupa - Net Building Caddis Larva - Bou Face - Slumpbuster - Drowned Trico Spinner - Pure Midge Larva - Rubber Legged Tungsten Bead Copper John. DVD. Run time approx. four hours.