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DVD-Why Fly Fishing

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DVD-Why Fly Fishing, a DVD created to explain and share the grace of this age-old sport. As a sport, fly fishing has a rich history with many of its own icons. Some people are not aware that the passion for fly fishing among its participants easily equals or surpasses even the most fanatical "team sport" (i.e. football, baseball, basketball). Fly fishing is an individual event with a level playing field that welcomes all comers. Everyone enters as a beginner, there are no age limits and progress is measured by self-satisfaction.

This is a DVD every dedicated fly fisher should own, as well as beginners and even people who might be curious about why practitioners are so dedicated. Not only does it make fly fishers feel good about what they love, but, for the first time, they have a beautiful film that explains to non-fly fishing friends and family why the sport is so seductive. It shows, as words alone never could, why fly fishers become "low-level fanatics" (John Gierach's words) and behave the way they do.

All profits from Why Fly Fishing DVD sales go directly towards the American Museum of Fly Fishing to help further the understanding of and appreciation for the history and traditions of the sport of fly fishing by preserving, displaying, studying and interpreting the artifacts, art and literature of the sport. DVD. 31-minutes.