Book-Feather Brain - Drew Chicone

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Feather Brain - Drew Chicone, "With Feather Brain, Drew Chicone has succeeded in illustrating not only the mechanics of his advanced tying techniques but more importantly the creative thinking that leads to the design and construction of a successful fly. "This isn't just another fly-tying book filled with recipes you can replicate, and some braggadocious fishing stories. Instead, this is a book that gives all fly tiers the knowledge and inspiration to design their own flies... Chicone helps you find the right hook, shows how to test the sink rate of flies, watch how flies track in the water, and fix problems by weighting or trimming the fly."

About the Author

Drew Chicone is a fly designer, photographer, author, instructor, and materials expert whose passion for the sport has led him to the salty waters of Southwest Florida. His patterns are sold in numerous fly shops and have appeared in several publications and online articles including Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine.