Patagonia Foot Tractor Bar Replacement

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Fish long enough in your Foot Tractor Wading Boots and you’ll eventually wear down the traction. Which means it’s time to celebrate all the good times you’ve had—and order the Foot Tractor Aluminum Bar Replacement Kit. Each kit contains four small and six large bars, 24 screws and the wrench to make it all happen.

  • The kit contains 4 small bars, 6 large bars, 24 screws and a wrench for easy replacement
  • Size small - shoe size 5-7
  • Size medium -s hoe size 8-11
  • Size large - shoe size 12-14
  • Aluminum bars: 4 small, 6 large. Screws: 24. One wrench
  • 453 g (16 oz)