MRFC Trout Fly Selections

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Know someone that loves fly fishing for trout? Pick from the 4 fly selection packages below and we promise they'll be happy! With each package we will hand select individual patterns that are proven to fool trout around the world. We absolutely will NOT take any shortcuts when it comes to selecting your flies. We will provide only the highest quality flies from our shop - flies that we would fish on any given day. A great Holiday Gift Idea!


Perfect as a small gift to anglers of all abilities:

  • 4 Weighted Nymphs
  • 4 Classic Dry Flies
  • 4 Foam Body Stoneflies/Hoppers
  • 4 Standard Streamers


A solid selection that will compliment any anglers current selection of flies:

  • 6 Weighted Nymphs
  • 6 Classic Dry Flies
  • 6 Foam Body Stoneflies/Hoppers
  • 4 Standard Streamers
  • 4 Specialty Streamers


This will surely make them say "Wow!". Plenty of flies to keep any angler busy.

  • 12 Weighted Nymphs
  • 12 Classic Dry Flies
  • 12 Foam Body Stoneflies/Hoppers
  • 6 Standard Streamers
  • 6 Specialty Streamers
  • 2 Deluxe Articulated Streamers


Without a doubt, one of the best gifts a serious angler could ask for.

  • 24 Weighted Nymphs
  • 24 Classic Dry Flies
  • 24 Foam Body Stoneflies/Hoppers
  • 12 Standard Streamers
  • 12 Specialty Streamers
  • 6 Deluxe Articulated Streamers