Rod Building

Pearsall Naples 4/0 Silk Thread
Pearsall Naples 4/0 Silk Thread, for fly tying or rod building. Nothings looks better than natural silk!
All-In-One Kit
The Flex Coat All In One Rod Assembly Kit has all of the supplies you need to assemble your rod components from start to finish. Available in High Build or Lite formula wrap finish. Includes epoxy glue, tip top adhesive, and supplies.
R.L. Winston
Winston Boron III Plus Fly Rod Blank
Winston Boron III Plus Fly Rod Blank, Winston blanks feature famous unconditional lifetime warranty against breakage.
Lefty Kreh Professional II Fly Rod Blank
These medium fact, progressive action 4 piece blanks cast smooth and powerful.
BVK Fly Rod Blank
A finely tuned instrument — lightweight and highly responsive.
MOD Trout & Spey
Moderate Action fly rod blank for typical fly trout fishing scenarios includes spey sizes as well.
Bass II Blank
7'11 fly rod blank for Bass, Pike, Muskie, and even Bluegill.
R.L. Winston Winston Boron III X Fly Rod Blank
R.L. Winston
Winston Boron III X Fly Rod Blank
The Standard for fly fishing the Madison River.
$425.00 $319.95
R.L. Winston
Winston Boron III Two Hand Spey Blank
Winston Boron III Two Hand Spey Blank, Classic two hand fly rod blank with micro-spey blank options.
R.L. Winston
3X Reel Seat Salt 7-10 weight
Winston 3X Saltwater Reel Seat, Perfect for all 7 to 10 weight fly rods!
R.L. Winston
3X Reel Seat Fresh 3-6 weight
Winston 3X Reel Seat Fresh 3-6 weight. A beautifully machined reel seat for any 3 through 6 weight fly rods.
Rod Bond
The rod builders adhesive designed by a rod builder engineer for rod builders.
REC Spey Grip Set-14" Foregrip - 5.5" Butt
A very convenient and time saving option for building a 2-handed rod grip for any Spey 2-handed fly rod.
Tip Top - Standard Loop
Standard loop tip top for a fly rod in black or silver.
LandMark Tube Gang
This great item will Velcro together 2,3 or even 4 aluminum rod tubes for travel. Stops tubes from rattling around your truck or car trunk.
Ring Eye Hook Keeper
Great hook keeper for an old school finish to your fly rod.
Utility Knife
Indispensable for trimming thread tie-offs. Useful in removing damaged guides in rod repair. Comes with 6 surgically sharp steel blades and safety cover.
Tip Top Adhesive
Thermal adhesive for installing tip tops on blanks or for reinstalling tips.
Book-Start To Finish Rod Building
Book-Start To Finish Rod Building, Covers all aspects of fly rod building in a logical easy to follow sequence. Highly recommended for the beginner and experienced rod builders alike.
Rod Finish-Original Formula
Flex Coat Rod Finish-Original Formula, A durable two part polymer finish is for 1 or 2 thick coats. Loaded syringes for perfect mixing and includes 4 mixing cups, 4 mixing sticks and 4 finishing brushes.
Rod Finish-Lite Formula
Flex Coat LITE formula is for applying an ultra-thin finish in multiple coats.
Mixing Cups / Sticks 10 pack
Flex Coat Mixing Cups and sticks, a 10 pack of 1 ounce mixing cups with 10 mixing sticks.
Hand Rod Wrapper
This highly versatile rod wrapper is designed to do precision wrapping. With two tension devices and adjustable thread feed, this is the most popular unit for custom rod builders.
Guide Foot Adhesive
Thermal adhesive for temporary attachment of guides before wrapping. Simply heat and rub on guide foot. Great stuff! 1 large stick.