Fly Tying

UMPQUA U102 Hook
U102 Hook
1X Fine Wire, Sproat - Wet Flies
$5.85 $3.15
Dan Bailey
Dai Riki 700 Hooks - 50 Pack
Dai Riki 700 Hooks,  The 700 is used when you need a longer shank to tie streamers, woolly buggers, nymphs and other long bodied patterns.
Danville Chenille Card CLEARANCE
Chenille Card CLEARANCE
Absorbent material for a buggy look.
$2.50 $0.75
UMPQUA U204 Hook
U204 Hook
Curved, Down Eye, 2X Long Shank
$5.95 $3.15
Montana Fly Co. Tentacles
Montana Fly Co.
Tentacles make perfect wiggly legs for nymphs, streamers as well as dries. Add movement to all your patterns
$2.75 $1.50
Montana Fly Co. Swisher's Rub-a-dub Dubbing
Montana Fly Co.
Swisher's Rub-a-dub Dubbing
Swisher's Rub-a-dub Dubbing, Soft, easy to dub fur with micro-fine rubber combined for great movement in the water. Use a dubbing loop for best results.
$2.15 $1.00
Ezee Bug
Fast and easy! 3 strand polyester artificial fur is very buggy, air trapping, realistically multi-hued and ideal for nymphs that require quick bulk and also good for emerging caddis patterns.
$4.75 $2.80
Montana Fly Co.
MFC Speckled Centipede Legs
Striped rubber legs that work great on buggers, nymphs and some dry fly patterns.