Books, DVDs & Maps

Book-Tackle & Technique For Taking Trout-Hughes (signed copy)
Book-Tackle & Technique For Taking Trout- Dave Hughes (signed copy)expert advice on two vital aspects of fly fishing.
Book-Crappie Fly Fishing
Book-Crappie Fly Fishing, Crappie get no respect, especially from fly-fishermen. But this book is about to change all that.
Book-Beloved Waters-Paul Ford
Book-Beloved Waters-Paul Ford, about the unforgettable where fantasy is transformed to reality. It is of tidal water and rivers, fish and fishers.
Book-Poul Jorgensen's Book Of Fly Tying
Book-Poul Jorgensen's Book Of Fly Tying, Poul Jorgensen is one of the nation's most prominent fly-tier and  teacher of fly tying, and writer on the subject.
Book-Tying and Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs-McGee
Book-Tying and Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs-McGee, A thorough exploration of contemporary use of soft-hackle flies--including nymphs, emergers and dry flies.
Book-Northwest Fly Fishing - Trout and Beyond-Shewey
Book-Northwest Fly Fishing - Trout and Beyond-Shewey, The information needed to properly arm yourself with the right equipment and techniques.
Book-Flies: The Best One Thousand-Stetzer
Book-Flies: The Best One Thousand-Stetzer, beautiful all-color pattern and dressing guide of best flies for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, and saltwater species.
Book-Hatch Guide For The Lower Deschutes -Schollmeyer (signed copy)
Book-Hatch Guide For The Lower Deschutes -Schollmeyer (signed copy), A most valuable book if you fly fish for trout. In excellent color photographs and precise text,
Drake Magazine - 2019 Winter
The best fly fishing magazine. Hot off the press!
Big Hole River Pocket Map
Big Hole River Pocket Map, This spectacular and informative Bighole River and Flyfishing map covers the Bighole River from Fishtrap Recreation Area to Twin Bridges, Montana.
Yellowstone/Gallatin River Pocket Map
Yellowstone/Gallatin River Pocket Map, covers the Yellowstone River from Gardiner to Big Timber, Montana and includes the Gallatin River from Four Corners to Yellowstone National Park.
Book-Holy Water Signed Copy - Jerry Kustich
Book-Holy Water Signed Copy - Jerry Kustich, the latest collection of essays and fishing tales depicts the potential desecration of the pristine Holy Water section of Michigan’s fabled Au Sable River.
Book-Flyfisher's Guides
Flyfisher's Guides To, From fish and bugs present, to water conditions, hiking difficulty and the flies that work, this guide provides all the necessary information.
Madison River Pocket Map
The ultimate Madison River map for anglers fits in your pocket! Features the upper and lower Madison River. Map can be easily downloaded for use on your cell phone.
Book-Big 50 Greatest World Record Catches- Ford
Book-Big 50 Greatest World Record Catches- Flick Ford, Artist Flick Ford and International Game Fish Association historian Mike Rivkin have combined talents to present the stories of the fifty most incredible record fish catches from around the world.
Confluence Films
This new film chronicles the first trip back to Providence Atoll since the waters were closed to all fishermen and boat access in 2010 due to the threats and activities of pirates operating out of Somalia.
Book-Nymph FlyTying Techniques- Schollmeyer
Book-Nymph FlyTying Techniques by Jim Schollmeyer. Noted photographer and author, Jim Schollmeyer, now puts his talents to tying nymphs. More than just a book of nymph patterns, this book takes a different approach.
Book-Sight Fishing for Striped Bass
Book-Sight Fishing for Striped Bass by Alan Caolo. Long thought to be exclusively a tropical experience, anglers have begun exploring flats-fishing opportunities for striped bass.
DVD-River of Silver and Gold - Gaula
DVD-River of Silver and Gold - Gaula, about the Gaula in Norway & its wild Atlantic Salmon fly fishing. This is the most advanced fly fishing film production with unseen areal & underwater shots.
Book-Steelhead Dreams- Supinsky
Book-Steelhead Dreams by Matt Supinski. Heralded as the new "bible" on Great Lakes steelhead fly-fishing.
Book-Snook on a Fly- Ziegler
Book-Snook on a Fly by Norm Ziegler. With their voracious feeding habits and spectacular aerial antics, snook may be saltwater fly fishing's most exciting gamefish.
Book-Saltwater Fly Fishing From Maine to Texas
Book-Saltwater Fly Fishing From Maine to Texas by Don Phillips. The sport of saltwater fly fishing continues to grow and the challenge of hooking large, strong, and fast species is just too irresistible.
Book-River Journals
Book-River Journals from Amato. Each River Journal Treats In-Depth One Famous North American fly fishing river with dramatic photographs showing the river and its fishing throughout the year.
Map-Montana Afloat Maps
Map-Montana Afloat Maps, These maps contain official public access points, river mileage, major landmarks, places of interest and general information about each section of the river.