Jewelry & Accessories

CityBoy Forge
CityBoy Forged Belt Buckles
Cityboy Forged belt buckles, CityBoy uses repoussé as a way to decorate their buckles. Repoussé is an ancient method of working with metal sheet.
Pinch Can Lid
Simms premium Pinch Cans feature an engraved silver lid, with a gold Simms Trout inlay. Take a dip inside and find perfectly sized storage for most tins.
Trout Belt Buckle Silver
Simms Trout Belt Buckle Silver, Handsomely engraved-silver belt buckle. A stylish gold trout inlay rides front and center. Fits all 1” to 1.5” belts.
Pesca Muerta
Pesca Muerta Ties, Hand Made In New York City. 100% Silk with printed design featuring all five fish in the Pesca Muerta family: Trout, Permit, Tarpon, Redfish and Tuna.
Key Chain
Though technically not a "chain" this key chain made from recycled fly line is the perfect size for making sure your keys are easy to grab out of any pocket or purse.