Hand Nets

Lunker 24" Net
Rising Lunker 24" Net, Made in Rising's Utah shop, with tooling they designed, using American Aluminum and Supplies.
Brookie 24" Net
Rising Brookie 24" Net,  A longer handled versin of the Brookie net. American Made in Rising's Utah shop, using tooling they designed with American Made supplies.
Brookie 10" Net
Rising Brookie 10" Net, Beautiful hand crafted and machined U.S. made nets.
Platinum Net
These Spectacular Brodin nets feature a mother of pearl measure marks spaced every inch beginning at 15". Place the trout's tail at the top of the hoop.
Phantom Net
An exciting economical version of Brodin’s famous Ghost nets!
Streambase Nets
A genuine Brodin net for not much money! Beautiful teakwood handle with two ply ash bow. Finished with industrial grade polyurethane finish and complete with fine mesh soft nylon bag and clip. Great Nets.
Pro Net
Classic wooden fly fishing nets with nylon bags available in many different shapes and sizes for various species.