Sage Fly Rods

As a Sage Fly Rod dealer we strive to provide expert knowledge on all sage fly rods.

The Madison River Fishing Company is proud to serve the fly fishing industry as one of the top dealers of Sage fly rods. Over the years, Sage has developed a reputation for creating the best performing fly rods available, pushing the limits of science, performance and craftsmanship with each new series. They truly have a rod for every fly fishing scenario, casting style and budget to meet the demands of fly fishermen from veteran experts to beginners. Purchasing a Sage fly rod goes beyond just fishing though. These rods are hand-built by master rod designers and builders in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Their fly rod performance, craftsmanship and durability combine to create something that is aesthetically beautiful and a pleasure to cast. At the end of day, fly fishing is a sport of passion, camaraderie and tradition. A Sage fly rod not only satisfies an angler's fly fishing needs, but it is also something that can be proudly shared and passed down to the next generation, in a tradition that has quietly existed in fly fishing forever. 

Sage Dart Fly Rod
Look no further for a fast action rod designed for small water.
2018 Sage Igniter Fly Rod
The IGNITER replaces the METHOD, but is upgraded with KonneticHD to give you tighter loops with big flies at long distances.
Sage ESN Fly Rod
Sage ESN HD Fly Rod, EUROPEAN STYLE NYMPHING: With Konnetic Technology for an extremely light rod, ideal for the repetitive casts this precision method requires. Its responsive, giving you ultimate control.
SALT HD Series Fly Rod
The all-new SALT HD Series is spectacular! This rod is all about giving the angler power and accuracy in challenging conditions.
Foundation Fly Rod
Sage Foundation Fly Rod, a fast action rod series providing excellent casting power and effortless control.
X Fly Rod
The X rod’s fast action taper enhanced by Sage's KonneticHD Technology, delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip- creating tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles.
Pulse Fly Rod
The Sage Pulse series are fast action rods with lightness and feel for a variety of fishing situations.
Mod Fly Rod
Check out the Promo details below! The Sage MOD series offers the perfect blend of power and feel in a moderate action fly rod.
Motive Saltwater Fly Rod
Sage's Motive series offers fast line speed, great lifting power and accuracy which saltwater fishing demands.
Bass II Fly Rod
The Sage Bass II rod is great for throwing big bugs in the wind and pulling fish out of heavy cover.